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My GCES experience was amazing, you could always count on personal help. The extra contact and longer tutorial sessions GCES provided as part of the course were extremely useful, helped establish patterns of study, guide academic progress and to prepare for College life.
The teaching and studying approach encourages students to be active and get involved rather than spending hours alone in the library. The teachers at GCES are real people with real personality, who care about their students more than just their grades. From my experience, GCES teachers always seek the uniqueness in students and helped them to make it shine.
It was more than just a great study experience that GCES left me. The staff there helped me to settle in and develop a better understanding of life, adapt to the study methods used in higher education, and build up a social and support network, which has been very helpful further on.
Dhivakar S

“The resultant education, both in class and out of it, not only kept me interested, but also prepared me mentally and emotionally for what was to come in the “real world".

Mythili D

The programme covered a variety of technology based concepts. The diversity of this program offered me with a wide range of skills, qualifying me for a variety of jobs. It motivated me to select the career path that interested me the most.

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